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Grab a Fabric Booty Band and Prepare Your Abs For This 10-Minute Home Core Crusher

We know that booty bands add resistance to lower-body exercises and even to moves that work your arms, but NASM-certified personal trainer Rachel Gulotta, based in downtown LA, shared a video on her YouTube channel demonstrating how to use these bands to work the core muscles, especially the abs – no other piece of equipment needed.

Follow along with the video above as Gulotta does moves such as Russian twists, bicycle crunches, flutter kicks, staggered leg lowers, and plank steps. No matter where the resistance band is on your body – around your forearms, thighs, ankles, etc. – make sure you’re pulling the band apart to maintain tension through the duration of the exercises. You’ll do each for 30 seconds with a few breaks in between.

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“I like to switch up my workouts as much as possible,” Gulotta told POPSUGAR. “I never want my workouts to get routine or boring. Adding a band is one way to bring some nuance to the workouts.” Gulotta likes using fabric bands as opposed to rubber ones that bunch up – fabric bands are also more secure. She clarified that the band utilized in this ab workout was of light resistance as opposed to heavy.

This video is part of a larger two-week resistance band challenge (it starts with a 20-minute banded session). If you’re only here for the ab routine, be our guest and grab a band! A little resistance can go a long way.

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